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Welcome to International Preschool Belgrade!

Welcome to International Preschool Belgrade, the place where your children can grow, learn and play in an environment that is both safe and structured. Our International School Belgrade for toddlers, preschool children and kindergarteners mission is to offer your child the most comprehensive learning experience possible. We do this in a safe and warm environment. Our international school in Belgrade utilizes the guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children or NAEYC for short as the bedrock principles for which your child will learn.


You may be asking yourself, “What makes International Preschool Belgrade different from other daycare centers?” Well that’s simple:

- Our international school staff’s determination is not only to provide your child with the best possible mental exercises but physical as well for them to grow up and live long, happy and healthy lives.


- Aside from the traditional child care you would come to expect, our staff is complete with teachers whom posses a mastery of the English language, a rare talent in traditional preschools and daycare centers in Serbia.


- At a young age, your child’s mind is much like a sponge which can absorb limitless amounts of information, so learning a second language comes as naturally as learning your ABC’s. For the moment, let’s take a look at some of our international preschool programs and what we can offer your child.

Our International Preschool Belgrade Programs include:

    Social and Emotional Development,

    English Language Skills,

    Literacy Skills,



    Self Awareness, as well as expected

    Physical and Motor Development for preschool aged children.


What are the benefits and results of enrolling with our international preschool in Belgrade, Serbia?
Our international school in Belgrade provides more than a simple lesson plan or a schedule for the school day like traditional daycare centers; it is a way of life and learning that carries on long after your child leaves the four walls of our home.


    - Your child learns best when they have positive and caring relationships with adults and other children;


    - Your child will experience that here as our accredited founder/director has years of child care experience from all over the planet.


    - While your child is learning traditional lessons such as math and reading they will also learn valuable lessons in physical health from both exercise and our meal plan. We provides organic catering for lunch and snacks which were approved and recommended by a certified nutritionist.


    - Your child will also experience exercise classes such as yoga, corrective gymnastics and aerobics. But that’s not all your child can learn here at our international preschool in Belgrade, Serbia, there’s so much more.


Learning Through Play
The environment is organized into learning centers that support children’s growth and learning in all subject areas such as literacy, math, science, art and music. Our International Preschool Belgrade, also known as International School Belgrade for toddlers, preschool children, and kindergarteners, is equipped with educational materials from the United States. Playground and garden are available on the premises.

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Balance Play And Learning
Children learn best when they have positive and caring relationships with adults and other children; when they receive carefully planned, intentional guidance and assistance; and when they can safely encounter and explore many interesting things in their environment.

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Our international school staff is confident that after a single day spent here at our international preschool is worth far more than any traditional daycare experience you are use to utilizing.

Once again, welcome to International Preschool Belgrade and we thank you for your consideration in helping your child achieve levels of education you never thought possible and welcome you to continue to peruse the rest of our site.

We are supremely confident your child will come to love attendance here as much as our staff does every single day.