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Ms. Ana has created a beautiful and absolutely unique preschool environment where the children are met with genuine warmth and love and seen and cared for as the individuals they are. International Preschool Belgrade feels more like a home than a school. Yet there is structure and a well balanced and paced program based on sound values and teaching methods, where the children are encouraged and stimulated to learn and grow through play. I feel extremely lucky and privileged as a parent to be able to send my son to “Ms. Ana’s preschool.”

ABKH from Sweden

Tereza Peirson recommends the International Preschool Belgrade (Play Learn Grow Academy). The school is for children ages 3 months to 6 years. The spoken language is English. All the teachers are very kind, caring and highly qualified. The school promotes children’s development through music and movement, arts and crafts, outdoor play, academic skills, etc. Our 2.5 year old son Oliver has been attending the school for 7 months now, he is very happy there, he loves the teachers, and we can see the progress he is making in terms of his speech development and other skills.

Tereza Peirson from Czech Republic