About Us

Engaging Learning Environment


Children learn best when they have positive and caring relationships with adults and other children; when they receive carefully planned, intentional guidance and assistance; and when they can safely encounter and explore many interesting things in their environment.
At Village Preschool, we ensure all of the above, providing your child with a safe, sound and warm learning environment.

  • Playing in nature
  • Fresh homemade food
  • Fun with domestic animals
  • Gardening
  • Fruit picking

Our Educational Plan

At Village Preschool, we follow your child’s individual needs and interests in order to comprehensively foster his or her development and education.

Children learn through direct experience of the natural world around them, but they also engage in activities that prepare them for school.

English is the main language we use, but Serbian is an option as well.

Qualified Staff

Founder & Director

Ms Ana Polic founded Play Learn Grow, International Preschool Belgrade back in 2012 upon returning to Serbia after 15 years of living abroad.

She studied Child Development and Early Childhood Education in San Francisco, California and she worked in the Bay area in numerous child care centers as a substitute teacher.

She also taught English to children in South Korea for 5 years. After gaining some experience in international schools in Belgrade, she began her journey of leading an independently owned preschool.

Today she is a happily married mother of two children, and she enjoys sharing her family estate with families from all over the world, who wish to provide a more natural environment for their children.