Healthy Meal Plan

health-001Lunch is catered by a vegetarian catering company, and the menu is based on recommendations of a certified nutritionist. We don’t use any refined products or white flour. Each lunch is well balanced and consist of soup, veggies, various protein rich ‘burgers’ and whole grain pastries. Breakfast consists of various grains, such as millet, oats, buckwheat and corn, served with milk or yogurt. Seasonal fruit is served for snack. Very often we have organic fruit and vegetables from our village preschool sometimes grown by the children themselves.

Field Trips

Children at Play Learn Grow have the opportunity to visit our Village Preschool located between Avala and Kosmaj, the two mountains near Belgrade. Frequent daily field trips give children a chance to observe and experience seasonal changes in nature, participate in hands-on activities related to gardening, farming and living outside of the city. We also offer weekend trips and seasonal retreats to our Village Preschool where children can breathe fresh air and interact with nature.

Brain Development

Play Learn Grow, International Preschool Belgrade views the brain in a holistic manner, seeing every activity as more than just an intellectual exercise, focusing deeply on experience.  With the help of brain exercises, breathing techniques and fun developmental activities, we encourage children to improve their balance, coordination, motor control, attention and focus. Developing and using our brain’s full potential is the central collective goal in all activities at our preschool.

Through our daily Brain Respiration (BR) classes, which combine breathing techniques, physical exercies, imagination, and positive information for the brain, we are developing healthy bodies, happy hearts and power brains!