Daily Schedule

8:00am Arrival / Free Play
9:00am Breakfast
9:30am Circle Time
10:00am Arts & Crafts
10:30am Outdoor Play & Sports
11:30pm Lunch
12:00pm Nap / Rest Time
1:00pm Science / Academic Class (older group)
2:00pm Snack
2:30pm Music / Drama Class
3:00pm Outdoor Play
4:00pm Last Pick-up

The environment is organized into learning centers that support children’s growth and learning in all subject areas such as literacy, math, science, art and music. The preschool is equipped with educational materials from the United States. Outdoor playground is available on the premises.

Circle Time activities (most important part of the day in terms of structural academic and thematic aspects of  learning/development) takes place after breakfast, followed by arts and crafts. Additional teacher-directed activities that promote the development of fine-motor skills, creativity, and academic learning, take place throughout the day. Literacy learning and development is highly encouraged as it is an integral part of our daily activities. Children learn how to read and write naturally and effortlessly through our carefully planned literature-based curriculum. In addition, children have ample opportunities for self-guided play during which teachers build on children’s interests in order to facilitate meaningful and contextual learning.

During outdoor play in our garden, our sports teacher sets up various fun obstacle courses in order to foster children’s physical gross motor development. Additional music lessons with our music teacher take place in the afternoon and on rainy days, when children explore musical instruments and participate in rhythm based musical activities.


Brain Respiration (BR) for Kids

Brain Respiration is an educational method that optimizes the brain’s functions through integrated exercises for the body and mind.

The Brain Respiration program for children combines breathing techniques, physical exercies, imagination, positive information for the brain, and hands on sensory experiences. It improves blood and energy circulation throughout the body, increases balance and brain-body communication, relieves emotional imbalances, and helps develop harmonious character, social skills, and overall brain potential.